Appointed to Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on LGBT Affairs

In February 2017 I was honored to be named to the City of Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on LGBT Affairs, a 23-member body that advises the Mayor on policies that support the lives of LGBT individuals in the city and support and amplify the work of the Office of LGBT Affairs.

I’m particularly eager to address institutional discrimination for LGBT+ individuals,  and look forward to talking with other members of the Commission about ways in which we can nudge both city government, businesses and schools in our area to question their use of gender classification whether it’s in an application form or a bathroom situation.

Given my research and activism around sex-classification discrimination, I want to be voice to those who maybe have felt marginalized in many different ways by race and socioeconomic class in the city. For example, a lot of the current discussion in the city advocates accommodating transgender people with a separate user bathroom in public spaces. As I show in my book and other research, this does not totally alleviate the discrimination that gender-variant people face in the public sphere. Because of this, in my role on the Commission, I’ll be pushing to consider building a restrooms in a different way so they’re not gendered in the first place.

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