Heath Fogg Davis, headshotI work with companies and organizations to help them imagine, design, and implement administrative policies to meet their social justice goals. I have particular expertise in transgender inclusion and gender identity non-discrimination, as well as how transgender and gender variant identities intersect with race and sexual orientation.

My client portfolio includes corporations, athletic organizations, schools and universities, as well as non-profits dedicated to making our world a better place.

I deliver to clients:

  • briefing and coaching on how to meet relevant non-discrimination laws
  • sector specific research on discrimination, diversity, and benchmark data
  • practical strategies and coaching on how to become an inclusion innovator in your sector
  • tailor-made trainings to educate and create effective teamwork
  • research-driven solutions to illuminate and solve your organization’s inclusion challenges
  • public speaking on these issues

Workshops offered:

  • How to Design Trans-Inclusive Policies for Your Organization
  • Team Building Through Diversity
  • Trans 101
  • Transitioning While Teaching
  • Trans Awareness and LGBT Communities
  • Sex-Classification in Healthcare Administration: Transgender, Intersex, and Genderqueer Perspectives

Let me know how I can help your organization meet its social justice goals with good policy design.

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